Peter Vitanov to the European ombudsman: European citizens want more transparency!


“European citizens want more transparency and accountability in decision making within the EU institutions. This is the only way to increase public confidence in them. Citizens need to feel that they are de facto represented and their voice is heard in the European debate,” said the Head of the Delegation of Bulgarian socialists to the EP in a discussion with European ombudsman Emily O’Reilly on the challenges facing the European institutions.

Mrs Reilly was appointed ombudsman in the summer of 2013. A procedure for the election of a new ombudsman will soon be launched. She will run for office again. “The role of the ombudsman is important, and in Bulgaria we have learned that when someone active and responsible takes this post, they are recognised as a real representative of people’s aspirations and problems. I wish you success in your campaign for a second term of office!”, added Vitanov.

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